Sunday, July 10, 2016

Jamie Bacon’s trial postponed to October

James Kyle Bacon
One year ago a delay in the Jamie Bacon 'Surrey Six' trial was announced.

The trial for accused Surrey Six killer Jamie Bacon has been postponed for more than a year due to delays in the pre-trial process. Bacon was supposed to go to trial Sept. 2, 2015 on one count of first-degree murder and one of conspiracy to commit murder for his alleged role in October 19, 2007 slaughter in a Surrey high-rise that left six dead, including two innocent bystanders.

Neil MacKenzie, spokesman for the criminal justice branch, confirmed that the trial has now been adjourned until October 31, 2016 – more than seven years after Bacon’s arrest.

Jamie Bacon

Surrey Six killer Matthew Johnston, who was convicted of conspiracy and six counts of first-degree murder
MacKenzie said jury selection for Bacon’s murder is set to go ahead October 1, 2016. “The trial is expected to last from 6 to 9 months,” he said.

So far, four members of the Red Scorpion gang have been convicted or pleaded guilty to a role in the murders of Corey Lal, his brother Michael, associates Ryan Bartolomeo and Eddie Narong, and bystanders Ed Schellenberg and Christopher Mohan.

Charged with the Surrey Six massacre are Cody Haevischer, James Kyle Bacon, Dennis Karbovanec and Matt Johnston

Surrey Six killer Dennis Karbovanec pleaded guilty.

Corey Lal was the original target of the Surrey Six killers

Michael Lal

Surrey Six victim Eddie Narong

Ryan Bartolomeo, killed in Surrey Six murders

fireplace repairman Ed Schellenberg

Christopher Mohan

Ultra Star handgun and Surrey Six murder weapon.

Surrey Six killer Cody Haevischer