Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hells Angels choose Ottawa Area for 'Canada Run'

The Hells Angels have chosen the Ottawa-area for a mass gathering of 900 outlaw bikers next month. The event is expected to draw 390 members from across the country, as well as members of affiliated puppet clubs including the Red Devils, Gatekeepers, 13th Crew and Iron Dragons from Eastern Canada, and the Tribal and Devil’s Arms clubs from the west.

The gathering is scheduled to run July 21-24
Hundreds of bikers will come through the capital in a year where the annual journey to a Canadian locale is mandatory for all members, and the Ottawa police force says it’s expecting them.

There will be efforts from patrol and district officers, officers in the emergency operations and criminal investigations directorate and the Ottawa police biker enforcement unit, which is an arm of the provincial unit of the same name led by the Ontario Provincial Police.
Group gatherings are ideal for police looking to keep tabs on the outlaw bikers. Members of puppet clubs will likely be running errands for the mass gathering and be on guard duty. The Hells Angels Nomads 5th Chapter clubhouse is at 5416 Piperville Road in Carlsbad Springs, and it’s likely to be a hotbed of activity.

Police say attendees are “well-behaved” on these runs, since they know they are under heavy surveillance from police.