Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Canada Carbon Inc - CCB.v - UPDATE IV

After not very much due diligence we have learned Mr. Duncan's first name is "Robert" or "Bert" to some of his closest friends.
ROBERT Bruce Duncan
We have a virtual cornucopia of turd flurry from our doughy nuts and this time our anti-hero is marching off to BCSC to seek redress for hurt feelings, again.

"Canada Carbon Inc. has filed a defamation suit in the Supreme Court of British Columbia against Paul Cooper, a former consultant to the company. According to the suit, Mr. Cooper posted a series of messages on Stockhouse that meant the company is a pump-and-dump and a scam. The posts damaged the reputations of Canada Carbon and its chief executive officer, Robert Bruce Duncan, the company complains."
The allegations are contained in a notice of claim that Canada Carbon filed at the Vancouver courthouse on Monday, March 3. Both the company and Mr. Duncan are plaintiffs. The suit identifies the sole defendant as Mr. Cooper, a resident of Mississauga, Ont., who worked as a consultant for the company from August, 2012, to April, 2013. The suit says little about how his work for the company ended, but it describes his termination as acrimonious. He has since gone to work for another graphite company, Saint Jean Carbon Inc.

Canada Carbon quotes five messages that Mr. Cooper allegedly posted on Stockhouse under the alias "Doobyus" in late 2013. They include one from Sept. 19, 2013, that called the company a "balloon filled with hot air." It stated that people who had "bought this dog will wish they hadnt" and that investors are "being fooled into thinking it will all magically turn into a mine." The post advised not to "look for the people running the show right now because they'll be long long gone with your money."

BCSC lawyers charge $ 600 per hour plus, and triple that for court time. ANY lawsuit has the potential to cost six figures and far more than that if its a complete loss. Shareholder resources CONTINUALLY being throw away is what this abject stupidity is. It describes this Venture management perfectly.


R Bruce Duncan
Right on que our Duncan Doughy Nuts has announced the latest ... "Canada Carbon Inc. has approved the adoption of a shareholder rights plan, effective immediately. " to "to provide the board and the shareholders with more time to consider an unsolicited takeover bid".
Hardy the Fork Har Har Har says we, and whenever this massive rush for dead worthless paper materializes hell would have surely frozen over.

Just in case anybody figures the blameless Mr. Duncan just let that loose lip slip a little bit ... the man apparently posted 80 TIMES. Which directors' exam is it that says this outrageous conduct is hunky dory? Stupid is what stupid does and one wonders what some Tards would do with themselves if not for the incompetent regulation of the venture bordello.

Canada Carbon Inc. has received apologies from a pair of Stockhouse posters who called the company a pump-and-dump.
The apologies come two months after the company won orders in the Supreme Court of British Columbia to identify the pair, who used the aliases "2guys" and "Jinbag." In their apologies, both users said they did not intend to refer to the company as a pump-and-dump, and Jinbag said he did not intend to suggest the company was run by crooks.

The company first complained about the pair in court on Nov. 1, 2013, when it filed petitions at the Vancouver courthouse seeking orders that would direct Stockhouse to identify the users. Canada Carbon said they wrote messages in September and October, 2013, that targeted both the company and its chief executive officer, Bruce Duncan. The messages implied that Mr. Duncan was dishonest and not trustworthy, the company claimed.

R Bruce Duncan


We cannot guess at the number of BCSC actions by Venture mutts against internet posters over the past few years. Dozens, certainly.

We have learned THIS TIME that there are many, many allegations that Mr. Duncan personally was posting, under the alias "SmallCap52". Is this not a classic case where a wicked Venture dope figures his chit don't stink and he can eat it too? Try suing this space Sir. Pfffft.

Another case of misuse and abuse of stakeholder resources for the protection of the massive large personal reputation of career Venture K9ery. And, a horse of course, its a deal nobody in their correct mind would touch.

"Phone Lines Are Open All:

For the next 3 hours feel free to contact me at 905-813-8408 or my counsel at 604-691-6864. The lines are open. I believe it is important to bring some reality to Ms. Smith's assertions that I do not exist. Hopefully Ms. Smith and her non-existent sister will get a reality check. The lines are now open for Ms. Smith's intervention.

Bruce Duncan, CEO Canada CArbon Inc.




On January 19th, 2014 I was the beneficiary of a threatening inbox from WoolyBully. I had responded to that inbox copying my counsel and placed WoolyBully on ignore. This is being dealt with.


How about this scenario citizens. Main man is doing grotesquely improper public disclosure while finding nothing better to do with his copious time than baiting internet posters so that they can be sued.

Interesting revenue generating model to say the fukkin least.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Debt Collector admits Kleargear "debt was erroneous" - UPDATE

The collector in this case operates the following website ... http://www.gofic.com

Does this not appear another fraudulent website in the vein of Kleargear? This intrepid reporter type smells that well known stench of wicked crooked basterds here. Film at 11:00 and stay tuned.


24 public complaints over 3 years with the response in each case "The consumer contacting you may contact Fidelity Information Corporation directly at PO Box 49938"
Not only did KlearGear turn around and smack him with a $3,500 fee for violating its “non-disparagement clause” — which didn’t even exist when the man’s wife took to the Internet and criticized the company.
Regardless of that and the fact that such a thing is probably unenforceable, it reported the non-payment of that debt to credit agencies, effectively mucking up his credit pretty bad and keeping him and his wife from paying their bills and getting important loans.

Public Citizen filed a lawsuit against KlearGear back in December on behalf of the couple, and now the collection agency involved has agreed that the so-called “debt” wasn’t actually a real debt.

That lawsuit named debt collector Fidelity Information Corp., which now says it’s done an independent review of the case and reported back to credit agencies that the debt was erroneous. That means KlearGear is off the man’s credit report, finally, after 18 months.

The couple has voluntarily dismissed Fidelity from the lawsuit as a result, but KlearGear is still on the hook in the legal battle. So far the company has yet to respond to the complaint.

So what kind of enterprise is Fidelity Information Corp? Not a very damn good one according to the BBB ...


Fidelity Information Corporation

Find a Location(800) 501-8085View Additional Phone NumbersP.O. Box 49938, Los AngelesCA 90049-0938 robbie@gofic.comhttp://www.gofic.comView Additional Web Addresses

10 complaints filed against business
Failure to respond to 8 complaints filed against business.

Lets just call it out plain again shall we? The collector is a very well proven PoS, collecting for other crooked basterds. OF COURSE nothing whatever would have changed had the chit not hit the fan with extra vigour. If it were my call I would continue suing the wicked SoB collector as well.

Frankly this monkey is beginning to suspect a bigger stench in this Denmark. What if this fukkin scambo collector has a connection to the gruesome twosome? That would be conspiracy to defraud the public in sickening spades.

Friday, February 14, 2014

TubbyWad revisited - VFX.v

There's no slowing down massive large, dopey objects that have somehow achieved momentum. On February 3 the faithful got the regular dose of horsechit. "Virtutone Networks Inc. has generated over $9.2-million in revenue for the month of January.

"[Nine million two hundred thousand dollars] in revenue for the month of January is a great way to finish off our fiscal year," said Jason Allen, chief executive officer of virtutone. "With the financing we just closed off, we are set for a record-breaking month in February."
In spite of all of the traction, momentum, and acceleration just 3 days later the recently installed CFO of a week had seen enough ... "NETWORKS INC. ANNOUNCES EXECUTIVE CHANGES

Brent Johnston, who was recently appointed as a chief financial officer of Virtutone Networks Inc., has resigned for personal reasons. Colin Campbell, formerly the chief financial officer of the company, remains with the company and will assist management of the company while it searches for a new chief financial officer. In addition, the company and Louis Acevedo have agreed to terminate Mr. Acevedo's consulting arrangement with the company, and Mr. Acevedo has resigned from his position as vice-president, carrier operations."
This dopeshow best realize a CA will never sign off on this complete rubbish unless he/she cares about that designation not at all. The Venture solution is a bent CGA, which are in copious supply.

Having the rats jump ship at this stage points out EXACTLY what this deal is all about.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

John D. Briner photos for Sheeple

John D. Briner
"John Briner: Did somebody say sue? I am willing to represent you, and while you are at it, I have some penny stocks you may be interested in! "
John D. Briner


MetroWest Law Corporation
718-938 Howe St.
Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z 1N9
Phone: 604-331-4422
Fax: 604-331-4466

Email: john@metrowestlaw.ca


Thursday, February 6, 2014

SEC takes a full year to nail Briner

On February 3, 2014, the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) announced the filing of stop order proceedings against 20 purported mining companies for providing false information in their registration statements. Of the 20 registration statements, 18 were opined upon by the same attorney, Diane Dalmy, who is the subject of a pending SEC proceeding.
More than one year ago, Promotion Stock Secrets published a featured report in which it noted blazing red flags of fraud in the same 20 registration statements.

Promotion Stock Secrets noted that the business plans of the issuers were virtually identical and involving purported mining properties. The issuers had nominal or no revenues, nominal or no assets and limited cash on hand. They also shared common bad actors, including John Briner. The registration statements opined by Dalmy were filed within close proximity to one another; in several cases, on the same day. Promotion Stock Secrets pointed out 19 of the 20 issuers were formed on May 31, or June 1 of 2012 and; 16 filed registration statements during January 2013. The remaining 4 registrations were filed in November and December of 2012.
The 20 companies that are the subjects of the stop order proceedings are:

Braxton Resources Inc.
Bonanza Resources Corp.
Canyon Minerals Inc.
CBL Resources Inc.
Chum Mining Group Inc.
Clearpoint Resources Inc.
Coronation Mining Corp.
Eclipse Resources Inc.
Gaspard Mining Inc.
Gold Camp Explorations Inc.
Goldstream Mining Inc.
Jewel Explorations Inc.
Kingman River Resources Inc.
La Paz Mining Corp.
Lost Hills Mining Inc.
PRWC Energy Inc.
Seaview Resources Inc.
Stone Boat Mining Corp.
Tuba City Gold Corp.
Yuma Resources Inc.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

SEC lowers the boom on Briner - Finally

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has filed stop order proceedings against 20 purported mining companies for including false information in their registration statements. The SEC claims the companies each failed to disclose that they were controlled by John Briner, a Vancouver lawyer. Mr. Briner was the subject of previous fraud charges from the SEC and in 2010 received a five-year ban from practising as a lawyer before the SEC.

The proceedings are contained in 20 separate administrative orders the SEC filed on Monday, Feb. 3. In each of the orders, the SEC claims that the companies filed registration statements (mostly in 2013) in which they falsely claimed that their management consisted of one person. (The person varied by company. One said its sole officer was a transit operator from Alberta, while another listed a business consultant from Ontario.) The companies did not mention Mr. Briner, who the SEC says was an undisclosed control person.


Further kudos for the SEC as they clean up ANOTHER career scuzzy bag that operates in the clear open under fully dopey BCSC nose. Wet noodle for said BCSC retards for blowing money on ADVERTISING ... when its obvious to a toadstool those fukkrs don't "do" anything to regulate securities notwithstanding a mountain of unresolved public complaints already.



"Law society spokesperson Lesley Pritchard says the LSBC has started an investigation into Briner because of the SEC ruling. “We are working hard to conclude that investigation,” she states in an e-mail. " http://www.canadianlawyermag.com/legalfeeds/85/vancouver-john-briner-lawyer-buys-palkowski-practice.html

Mr. John D. Briner, Esq. serves as Chief Executive Officer of Global Developments Inc. Mr. Briner has been an Associate at JDB Law Corp. since January 2004. He practices securities law in Vancouver through his law firm John D. Briner Law Corporation. He has represented numerous clients in a variety of industries, and has represented several e-commerce and technology companies listed on both Canadian and US stock exchanges. He served as Head of Legal Division at Briner Group, Inc. He founded LED Power Group Inc. (Formerly Drayton Harbor Resources Inc.) and served as its Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Principal Accounting Officer. He served as President of Flomo Resources Inc. from June 8, 2006 to May 23, 2007.

He served as President of LED Power Group, Inc. until May 23, 2007 and also served as its Secretary and Treasurer. He served as General Counsel of Window Rock Capital Holdings, Inc. He served as President of Global Developments Inc. He worked as an associate at Devlin Jensen, of Vancouver, British Columbia from August 2003 to January 2004, where his practice focused on securities, corporate finance and cross-jurisdictional transactions. He has also been very active politically and has held various executive positions in the Federal Liberal Party of Canada.

Mr. Briner serves as a Director of Global Developments Inc. Mr. Briner served as a Director of Maisonette International Enterprises Ltd. He served as Director of LED Power Group, Inc. from June 8, 2006 to August 10, 2007. He served as a Director of Index Oil & Gas, Inc. until February 7, 2006. He served as a Director of Autobahn International Inc. (Formerly Caffe Diva Group Ltd.) and Dawson Gold Corp. He served as Director of Flomo Resources Inc. from June 8, 2006 to August 10, 2007. He served as Member of Advisory Board of Falcon Energy, Inc. Mr. Briner sits on the Liberal Party Federal Appeals Board.

He has promoted liberal economic theory throughout his professional career, as a delegate to the Democracy and Development conference in Rome, as well as through various speaking engagements throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. He has been active in the community and has sat on the Finance Committee of the Vancouver Board of Trade and the Corporate Advisory Council of Vancouver Opera, as well as various positions with the Vancouver Art Gallery and Contemporary Art Gallery. He founded a legal ethics fraternity at the University of British Columbia law school which is still active in its recruitment and promotion of legal ethics. He has been invited to speak at numerous conferences around the world, and has recently presented lectures in Taipei, Helsinki, and Rome on securities and technology. He received his initial training in litigation at Murphy Battista from June 1999 to August 2003. Mr. Briner graduated from the University of British Columbia with degrees in Music and Germanic Studies. Mr. Briner obtained a Bachelor of Law Degree in 2002 from the University of British Columbia.