Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lori moves up most Evil Woman List

Three months+ of grossly unbelievable illegal management and besides getting drained stupid whats been happening to the Co? Well insiders have peeled off what remains of their paper and for all intents and purposes the deal is finished with no redemption possible.


After a two-week delay, Gilby Len Hastman and Darcy Kim Hastman (the concerned shareholders) have now received the scrutineer report of St. Elias Mines Ltd. for the annual general and special meeting of shareholders of the company held on Dec. 27, 2012 (the AGM). To date, the company has not publicly announced these results.

The Report also confirms that, of the five Management nominees for directors, Lori McClenahan and Tina Whyte received, respectively, the fewest and second fewest votes cast, including by shareholders who completed white proxies for use at the AGM.

Belle Gunness was one of America’s most degenerate and productive female serial killers.

Significantly, the report discloses that management of the company (management) received approximately 6,671,436 votes at the AGM, which is in stark contrast to the 64,649,933 shares represented by the valid green proxies received by the concerned shareholders and delivered to the company for use at the AGM (please see the news release of the concerned shareholders dated Jan. 2, 2013). Therefore, the green proxies accounted for approximately 91 per cent of the total votes cast at the AGM in favour of electing the dissident nominees as directors of the company. This was a remarkable result.


Irma Grese or the “Bitch of Belsen”
There can't be much juice left in the SLI.v lemon at this rate and the regulator better find a reason to DO something damn soon else there won't be anything left to fight over.

As far as stretching the ethical bounds of rational thought to the limits and far, far beyond, well damn Lori take a bow. Without question you have the biggest set of manstones this observer has EVER seen.

Countess Elizabeth Bathory

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Going for gold in Mozambique

Manica, Mozambique - They are washing the soil, day and night, hoping to reveal gold.

80 percent of gold prospectors arrive illegally from the neighbouring country of Zimbabwe. The miners claw at the earth between 15 and 20 metres beneath the surface, in an extensive tunnel system.

The diggers work on their own account, and after selling the gold they must give half of the money to the owner of the land.

Workers earn 15 meticals (about $0.50) per sack they deliver to the river. On average, they deliver 48 to 50 sacks a day.


Largest Man-Made holes on earth

The Bingham Canyon Mine is a copper mine in the Oquirrh mountains, Utah. The mine is 0.75 mile (1.2 km) deep, 2.5 miles (4 km) wide, and is the largest manmade excavation on earth.
The Mirny Diamond Mine is 525m deep and has a diameter of 1200m. It was the first, and one of the largest, diamond pipes in the USSR. It is now abandoned. While it was still operational, it would take two hours for trucks to drive from the top to the bottom of the mine.
The Udachnaya Pipe is a diamond mine in Russia. In ceased open pit operations in 2010 in favor of underground mining. The mine was discovered in 1955 and is over 600 meters deep.
The Kimberley Diamond Mine holds the disputed title of being the largest hand-dug hole in the world. From 1866 to 1914, 50,000 miners dug the hole with picks and shovels, yielding 2,722 kg of diamonds.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The HMS Sussex

The HMS Sussex

The HMS Sussex was an 80-gun ship of the English Royal Navy, lost in a severe storm on 1 March 1694 off Gibraltar.

Pride of the Royal Navy, the flagship of Admiral Sir Francis Wheler was built in April 1693 and sailed from Portsmouth on December 27, 1693, escorting a fleet of 48 warships and 166 merchant ships to the Mediterranean.

On board were 10 tons of gold coins.
A violent storm hit the flotilla near the Strait of Gibraltar and in the early morning of March 1, 1694 the HMS Sussex sank, joining the fate of 12 other ships of the fleet. Only two survived of the 500 crew on board. Admiral Wheler's body was found on the eastern shore of the rock of Gibraltar 2 days later 'much mangled'.

There were approximately 1,200 casualties in total, in what remains one of the worst disasters in the history of the Royal Navy. Between 1998 and 2001, Odyssey Marine Exploration searched for the HMS Sussex and announced that it had located the shipwreck at a depth of 800 metres.

Due to various conflicted interests Odyessey has "postponed further work on the project to allow diplomatic issues to be resolved."


Friday, April 19, 2013

The Clark Pink

The Clark Pink
In April 2012 the jewels of eccentric heiress Huguette Clark were put under the hammer at Christie’s New York.

Huguette Clark was heir to a copper empire and lived the last 30 years of her life in various New York hospitals until her death at age 104. Her jewels were believed to have been kept in a vault unseen since the 1940s.

The collection of seventeen items brought $ 20.8m but the star was the 9 carat Pink Diamond which sold for $ 15.7m.

"A long-lost relative of the reclusive and eccentric New York heiress Huguette Clark, who stood to inherit $19 million of her $300 million fortune has been found dead from hypothermia in rural Wyoming.

Timothy Henry Gray's body was discovered by children sledding under a Union Pacific Railroad overpass in Evanston, in the southwest of the state on Thursday, as the temperatures hit 10 degrees.

Gray, 60, was the half great-nephew of Clark, who died in May 2011 aged 104.

The heiress had not visited Bellosguardo in Santa Barbara, California since the 1950s
Huguette Clark left no money to her relatives and lived as a recluse in New York City hospitals until her death. Her palatial properties across the country sat unused for decades.
"The last Fifth Avenue apartment belonging to the late reclusive and eccentric heiress Huguette Clark is now for sale for $7.2 million.

The final piece of the eighth floor of 907 Fifth Avenue owned by the daughter of copper baron multimillionaire, William Andrews Clark, went on sale on April 5. It is said to have been used exclusively for Huguette Clark's dolls.

Speaking to NBC, Mr Baeyens said: 'She didn't want to go out. She didn't want to have beautiful things. She just wanted to be home and play with her dolls.' Clark collected dolls obsessively and her vast real estate holdings were filled with them.


"Princie Pink" Sells for $ 39m

UPDATE : The "Princie Pink" sold for $ 39m at Christies in New York
The Princie Pink diamond heads to auction April 16 at Christie's New York and some jewellers expect it to sell for around $40 million dollars. A cushion-cut jewel, it weighs 34.65 carats and is one of the finest and largest of its kind.

The historic polished stone can be traced back to the ancient diamond mines of south central India. It was first recorded as part of the collection of the Hyderabad state's royal family during the Mughal Empire of the late 1500s to mid 1600s. The Hyderabad monarchy offered the piece at auction in 1960 where the diamond fetched a price of 46,000 pounds sterling (approximately $69,588 in today's currency) when French jeweller Van Cleef & Arpels bought it via its London branch.
The gem was subsequently named "The Princie" in honour of the 14-year-old Indian Prince of Baroda who attended a Parisian party held by the firm.

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