Sunday, January 20, 2013

John Gregory Paterson pulls 6 years - Updated

Mr. John Gregory Paterson, former QP and chief dipchit of the horrid scam known as Southwestern Resources has been sentenced to 6 years in prison.

As a non-violent federal offender with no danger to the public for recidivism Mr. Paterson may be released from custody in as little as one year (with conditions until full parole is granted)
Mr. Paterson falsified assay data which resulted in losses exceeding $ 260.5 million.

Paterson ran his scam from May 2003 to February 2007, during which he issued 25 press releases reporting 446 assay results ... 433 of which were fictional.

"This was a large-scale, massive fraud committed on the investing public and on Southwestern Resources."

She said Paterson took advantage of the high regard in which he was held in the community to commit his offences, then took active steps to cover up and delay discovery of his fraud. Among other things, he recruited the on-site project manager, John Zhang, to assist in the fraud and paid $500,000 "to secure his loyalty and silence."

What can a body say? Without an appreciation of exactly how much Mr. Paterson profited personally did his crime pay or did it not?

UPDATE : According to Stockwatch Mr. Paterson booked trading profits of $5.63-million, but paid $7.8-million to settle a class action lawsuit. A comment below the story very correctly points out Mr. Paterson would have almost certainly faced 20 years or more if this was an SEC matter in the United States.

We do know the trio who ran Nortel into extinction while pocketing more than $ 13m in bonuses were all found not guilty of a criminal offense.

THAT questionable conduct paid off very well indeed, crime or no crime. Given what is happening every day under our bloody noses and quite openly, what can a body conclude about securites regulation in this country?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When in big hole STOP digging - CUU.v

There was another rock bottom PP announced yesterday in CUU.v land with moneybags Earnesto stepping up to the plate for the 8th consecutive time. Lord knows what his "investment" strategy is about.

Today we have news of a swack of options being extended and Geeze Louise the grossly stuck retards at AgoraScam are falling over each other with unbridled glee, naturally.

Minor things like money and/or the lack of it turn our cranks so twas off the financials for a look-see. Nada good idea as there is ample fuel to make one wonder what sheeple actually SEE in this paper yet again.

Company is smack dab on the road to the audited for the fiscal year and the info is many months stale, presumably the next won't appear until the end of February.

At first glance we can tell this Co is burning around $ 3m per annum on overhead alone and at July 31, 2012 had a working capital deficit of $1,616,527. Thanks to the ridiculous ongoing support of sugar daddy Earnesto another cash crisis was averted, but damn, how does one go about reigning in that wicked overhead? Best we don't ask Elmer, he's been doing VERY well of course, thanks for asking.

We have a pee pot full of rock bottom options that are fully vested and yikers. Unknown if these are the ones being extended but who cares. This deal both sucks and blows and it's getting more ridiculous every day.

$0.10 Jul-09 Jul-14 1,000,000
$0.15 Oct-09 Sep-14 3,150,000
$0.15 Nov-09 Sep-14 500,000

The DEAD useless BCSC

Further to our complex, grossly well compensated, and hard to understand anti-friends at the BCSC, Mr. David Baines has taken aim with that widely read sword of his many times, and with no impact whatever.

Opinion: As B.C. Securities Commission dithers, investors get burned
Each year, investors, many of them senior citizens, lose huge amounts of money in the exempt securities market

"Last week, I sent an email to BCSC chairwoman Brenda Leong and vice-chairman Brent Aitken asking what they are going to do to fix this mess. Rather than answering directly, they got BCSC media relations officer Richard Gilhooley to call me.

"Your concerns are shared by the highest levels over here," he reported. "But we want to make sure we understand the impact of introducing registration requirements. That analysis is ongoing."

There was a time when I would have accepted this response, but no longer. I have been writing about this problem for more than a decade and if anything, it's getting worse. While the BCSC dithers, investors are getting burned."

And "dithering" is being entirely generous given some of the horrid personal examples I have stamped forever into disbelieving memory.

Brenda Leong - $499,251

Brent Aitken - $443,631

One has to wonder mightily what brand of $ 30m annual budget organization, anywhere, blows that kind of dough on its two top dogs, and lets get serious here ... look and consider carefully how this organization funds itself and one must believe it acts in a manner that encourages and rewards incompetence. (and we just can't wait to take a gander for fiscal 2012 ... Pfft.)

We have been following EVERY BCSC news release for some time and the common thread is USUALLY that the offense occured YEARS ago, long after the dough has evaporated along with the evil-doers. The BCSC shoots the easy fish with NO damn consideration paid to the whales outside their cozy office windows ... and the SLI.v situation points that out with sickening clarity.

If this was the OSC, or gasp, America, the SLI disgrace would have been sorted out instantly, with Lori hoisted by her offensive petard as an example to other K9s weeks ago.

On the semi-bright side we can all rest assured the BCSC can find ample resources to toot its' own dopey horn ad nauseum ...

"We think investors and markets should be able to look to a regulator that is seasoned and keeps a steady hand on the tiller -- a regulator that knows when to act quickly, and when to wait for better information. They should be able look to a regulator that imposes requirements and rules on the basis of sound data and analysis, and so finds effective and efficient solutions."

Saturday, January 12, 2013

AgoraScam ReDouble Scam Redux Part II

The GreekTards spew about their "6 rules" but this is the true manner of offensive public verbal stupidity that tells the tale ...

"I believe this blog, and its allegations are serious enough for Elmer to consult his lawyers

I believe a number of these assholes have just executed a reverse pump and dump, a short and buy"

This particular AgoraScam retard has managed to COMBINE a potty mouth AND a conspiracy theory. Takes some very special brainsmarts no?


George Tsiolis
Latest from George "Tsibouki" Tsiolis and the rest of the horrid, sickening PoS criminals at AgoraScam is the pre-emptive removal of profiles that have the unmitigated gall to report the many daily thefts of Ed Steer and Casey Research material. (it goes back 4 years)

article by Ed Steer Golden Minerals Company Feb 15, 08 04:53AM

Thats right citizens, a body doesn't even need to say a single word on that fraud site now ... simply complaining about the FACT AgoraScam are stealing is enough to get one permanently banned.

From: "" To:
Sent: Saturday, January 12, 2013 10:19 AM
Subject: [Agoracom] Violation report

Thank you for your recent violation report and participating on AGORACOM. We have had the opportunity to review the message in question and have determined that it does not constitute a violation as per our 6 Rules of Use (
Please do not let this decision discourage you from reporting future messages that you believe to be in violation of our 6 Rules of Use as we take every potential violation very seriously.
Thank you for your vigilance and helping to keep our forums clean and constructive for the benefit of all AGORACOM members.
Keep up the great work!
George, Paul and the AGORACOM Team

It was the "Paul" character busted red-handed by the OSC for spying, and he was SUPPOSED to resign and be gonzo. Looks like he's still around, probably spying.

Lets call a group of wicked greasy GreekTard criminals what they truly are shall we? AgoraScam is an offense against the public interest that SHOULD be shuttered for the protection of the public. A scam job since day one, and even shining the light on these utter scumbags does no good whatever, they run gleefully under another rock.

Na mou klaseis ta'rxidia - May you fart on my balls

Skopianos - Dickhead

Tiz yai yasu kolo trichas - Your granny's arse hairs

arxidi - testicle or "bastard" 

George Tsiolis
Of course we all know that Agoracom has been busted by the OSC for having employees posting nonesense daily for paying customers. And we also know that during the OSC investigation it was found out they were spying on users private messages as well.

Some Agoracom threads are controlled by pumping idiots, some directly connected to paid corporate IR dipchits ..  a proven fact.

Latest VERY long running scamola from AgoraScam is to allow the reproduction of material that belongs to others on their site, material that is either copyright or subject to "terms of use".

I refer to the serious retard "gwr1" ( on the Golden Minerals (AUM.t) thread. ( This individual has been reposting DAILY and for many months, the work of Ed Steer of Casey Research. (among others) This individual cares not at all that he is a shameless thief, and neither do the GreekTards at Agoracom, who despite numerous complaints, feel there is nothing they need to be concerned about.
Next »
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It is this opinion that AgoraScam should have been shut down long ago for the protection of the public. The public interest is being battered continually by an enterprise that is fully corrupt, useless, and a disgrace. Its sole purpose is the pumping of dead worthless paper, and we know this because only a scamola company would pay the ridiculous GreekTard grease to begin with.

We know of ANOTHER complaint on its way to the OSC, and all a body can hope for is that they finish the job they started and shutter that dopey fraud site once and for all in the badly bruised public interest.

George Tsiolis

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mr. Elmer B Stewart

It is past time to take a closer gander at the role of Mr. Elmer B. Stewart in the horrific crimes being played against the public in all of this. It is under his watch, for an extended period, and what appears MULTIPLE deals that carry that moniker, that conduct grossly contrary to the public interest has and is occurring.

The real action on CUU on AgoraScam started with gusto on and around October 21, 2011 and the same goes for Mr. Stewart's Boxxer Gold (BXX.v) One knows for certain at least one of the individuals posting on both threads is a VERY close associate of Mr. Jason Shepherd.

This date may be significant. The last news of Mr. Shepherd's contract renewal is around that time of year. Previously Mr. Shepherd was granted 200,000 options @ $ .85. More work is needed to determine what his current, well earned grease is.

At an absolute minimum Mr. Elmer B Stewart has been completely and fully ignorant about the promotional goings on at BOTH his companies for at least 14 months. That is a wicked oversight with no excuses possible. It is the man's damn job after all.

Far more curious is the lack of any response whatever to the current chitstorm, where this public type has been raising a stink wherever possible. Mr. Shepherd is still gleefully running his scam in public and any retard can figure that out in 23 seconds or less. What is Mr. Elmer B. Stewart's excuse now?

Copper Fox Metals has relied exclusively and for years, on the dopiness of Earnesto Enchavarria to provide financing. There have been NO OTHERS stepping forward to throw money away on things like Mr. Stewart's salary. NONE.

Sources indicate Ernesto has obtained 24.9m shares through the last 7 PP's with an average price of $1.20. Yes citizens that is a whooping $ 30m down the fukkin tubes.

Oct 3rd: 5 Million, price: $1.35
Nov 1st: 2 Million, price: $1.35
Dec 14th: 4 Million, price: $1.22
Jan 30th: 2 million, price $1.10
Jan 23rd: Debt settlement in shares : 1.4 Million, price: $1.10
July 20th: 4 Million , price: $1.12 Sept 10th: 4.025 Million, price: $1.15
Oct 24th: 2.5 Million, price $1.15

A jaded observer may conclude Mr. Stewart's stunning ignorance has a purpose. Continued inaction in the face of the growing and obvious evidence against his PR idiot would certainly buttress that argument. We are not making claims that Copper Fox is a complete fraud, yet, although others have.

It can be said with certainty the release of truly horrid FS numbers, promised many, many times and starting at very least 18 months ago point to the growing possibility.

And here is a challenge for the amazingly obtuse Mr. Elmer B Stewart and/or one of his semi-honest hangers on. Sign up on Agoracom anonymously and post something mildly critical of CUU and see how long it and the AgoraScam profile lasts. Challenge issued Sir.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Continuous Fraud on AgoraScam

This user has been banned for violating Agoracom's Six Rules of Use

2 MAJOR problems with FS

posted on Jan 04, 13 09:03PM 
1) the FS uses pre-tax instead of after tax.
2) the $ 3.25 base case price for copper is FAR too high
6. Caps lock and use of !!!!!!!

What we have is ONGOING evidence of a securites fraud against the public. The public challenge now of course to see if ANYONE can EVER say anything on AgoraScam that happens to be true.

We shan't be disclosing the rock solid evidence against Mr. Shepherd and his offensive minions here. It shall be put in affidavit form and submitted to the OSC and BCSC next week.

In the meantime those of us with some spare time and a mediocre sense of humour can ATTEMPT to post a true fact about Copper Fox Metals on AgoraScam, either to prevent people from getting ripped off, or to determine the true depths of the sickening depravity of these horrid and shameless securities criminals.

 Grrrrrrr my pissed-off doodle.

Biggest Retard(s) in the Universe Award ...

Actually its a toss-up between Mr. Jason Shepherd, chief IR dipchit of Copper Fox Metals, and Mr. Greg Morgan-Woodward of Quesnel, one of his partners in corrupt horsechit. ( - "webgogs" on Agoracom)

Both these men know their conduct has been recognized and without doubt is being watched. They also know I have very specific, very direct and COMPLETELY incontrovertible evidence of their activites. (Never actually disclosed here by the way)

Has it slowed them down at all? Readers can judge.

"Yup, high grade PM is to the north. The small brechea area we drilled started to show darn good silver. We just skimmed it. The issue there is how wide governs how deep. There could be a lot down there and it will be up to someone else to figure out how to get at it and how much they can get. 427 shows that at depth there's money. 500m down but through some payable overburden there is a system. Those shots up there indicate the potential for a profitable deposit. 426 show that only 76m needs to be removed. I think that following the halo in and around there is another deposit. Not a giant one but perhaps economic based off the proximity of the mill. The market forgets we have 7 anomalies worth investigating."

The point of the above of course, is HOW a dog breeder/surveyer in Quesnel could possibly be in possession of this kind information in the first place. The only possible way is for a continuous conduit of bullshit from a corrupt PoS working directly for the Company, who FULLY expects the horsechit to be faithfully reguritated to the public word for fukkin word.

All I can say now is take a damn bow gentlemen. If stupidity was a crime we would not be bothered with this insulting, ongoing rubbish now. I've been around for a while and if I have EVER run across mental retardation on this scale I cannot remember it.

Mr. Greg Morgan-Woodward
Yes of course and thanks to the usually useless Mark Turner at for creating the file.

Mr Turner feels the story/excuse here will be all about tax considerations, and we can pretty well make book there will half a dozen, remarkably similar posters on Agoracom spewing that rubbish as gospel truth to each other ... assuming that the topic is allowed into the Agorascam public fraud sphere at all that is.

Insiders know the score, of course a horse. (We may be able to exclude the dead dopey, 56% Copper Fox Metals owner Earnesto Enchavarria from that conclusion)