Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Second mobster pleads guilty in Project OTremens

Domenico 'Dom' Violi and Giuseppe 'Joe' Violi
Massimigliano Carfagna pleaded guilty to weapons, drug trafficking and drug importation conspiracy charges. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison. The conviction is the second under Project OTremens, a massive investigation that began in 2013. Adriano Scolieri was sentenced in January to 13 years and eight months in prison for trafficking drugs, including three kilograms of fentanyl that he sold to a police agent. During the investigation police seized six kilograms of fentanyl and carfentanil.
Paolo Violi in 1976.Carfagna and one of his co-accused, Giuseppe 'Joey' Violi - son of slain Montreal mob boss Paolo Violi, had agreed in 2016 to import between 200 and 300 kilograms of cocaine into Canada. Project OTremens resulted in 9 arrests and 75 charges among "the highest levels of traditional organized crime". The operation was conducted with a parallel investigation by the FBI in New York to infiltrate the Bonanno and Gambino crime families.

The investigation also found Erin Maranan had made multiple unauthorized police database queries. She faces 20 charges of breach of trust.

A highlight of the operation was the undercover agent being inducted into the Mafia in a secret ceremony captured on video by police.
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Bonanno captain 'Ronnie G' Giallanzo pleads guilty

Ronald 'Ronnie G' Giallanzo, 47, acting captain in the Bonanno crime family, and fellow mobster Michael Palmaccio, 46, pleaded guilty to operating a multi-million dollar loansharking racket over a 10-year period.

Another friend of theirs — Nicholas 'Pudgie' Festa, 37, entered a guilty plea on March 8 to similar charges. All three face a maximum of 20 years imprisonment when they are sentenced. Seven other co-defendants have previously pleaded guilty in the case.
Giallanzo home before renovationsAs part of his plea bargain, Giallanzo will forfeit $1.25 million to the federal government and will be required to sell the Howard Beach mansion he constructed. Gialanzo home after renovations

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Semion Mogilevich - Boss of Bosses

Semion Yudkovich Mogilevich is a Ukrainian-born, Russian organized crime boss, believed to be the "boss of bosses" of most Russian Mafia syndicates in the world. Mogilevich is believed to direct a vast criminal empire and is described by the FBI as "the most dangerous mobster in the world." He has been accused by the FBI of "weapons trafficking, contract murders, extortion, drug trafficking, and prostitution on an international scale".

He is most closely associated with the Solntsevskaya Bratva crime group.

Alexander Litvinenko, shortly before his assassination, claimed that Mogilevich had a "good relationship" with Vladimir Putin since the 1990s.
In 1997 and 1998, Canadian journalists exposed the presence of Mogilevich and others associated with the Russian Mafia behind YBM Magnex International Inc., a public company trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange. On May 13, 1998, the FBI and police raided YBM's headquarters. Shares in YBM, which had been valued at $1 billion on the TSX, became worthless overnight.

In 1999 officials from YBM Magnex admitted in a U.S. court that the company was created for the sole purpose of committing securities fraud. Until 1998, Mogilevich participated in a US$10 billion money laundering scheme through the Bank of New York. Mogilevich was also suspected of participation in large-scale tax fraud, where untaxed heating oil was sold as highly taxed car fuel. The scam resulted in massive tax losses for various countries in central Europe
In spite of the various warrants issued against him, he still lives freely in Moscow, according to the FBI. Mogilevich and his top associates stopped travelling to the west in the late 1990s.

A number of Mogilevich associates have dealt directly with Donald Trump and his organization.
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Mexico Arrests MS-13 Leader Nelson Alejandro Flores

Mexican police have arrested MS13 leader Nelson Alejandro Flores alias 'Mula' in Tijuana. The US and Mexico are now working out a deal to send Flores to Ohio, where he is part of a multi-party racketeering indictment which chronicles MS13’s myriad criminal acts — including murder, money laundering and interstate commerce violations, threatening a law enforcement officer and his family in El Salvador, and drug possession and sales of heroin, cocaine, and fentanyl.
Flores had high level contacts with the Mexican Mafia, the prison gang based in Southern California that serves as the overlord of the MS-13 in that region. The Mexican Mafia has operated as a key go-between in past drug operations with MS-13.

It’s not known what role Flores was playing with Columbus-based MS-13. That part of the gang is known as the East Coast Program, an umbrella of gang cliques that operates from North Carolina to Massachusetts.
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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Fake Xanax - The Latest Thing

In America, Xanax is the third most popular psychiatric drug according to one peer-reviewed study – a modern lotus plant with cult status among celebrities and a notoriety made worse by its implication in the recent death of rapper Lil Peep.

In late 2015 dealers began pressing their own pills using powder imported from China. This enabled them to produce massive quantities of the drug at extremely low cost.

The 21-year-old rapper overdosed on fentanyl and Xanax.
In January 2017, police in the UK intercepted a huge shipment of alprazolam powder. The three seizures amounted to more than 50kg – enough to press more than 25 million counterfeit Xanax pills containing 2mg alprazolam each. It was the largest seizure in UK dark net history.

The UK market was monopolized by one producer and one supplier. Their revenue ran into the millions – and they achieved it all in plain sight, leaving a brazen and extensive online trail. Last summer police intervened.
It takes only a few weeks of taking benzodiazepines and one develops dependence so that tolerance for the drug increases and you need to take larger and larger doses. When you stop taking benzodiazepines you end up with severe withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety, panic attacks and even hallucinations. Dealers are mixing fake Xanax with other drugs that act as depressants, such as ketamine – and that combination can be deadly.

Xanax has fully infiltrated US pop culture. It’s a pill that artists rap about, and everyone from Justin Bieber to Tiger Woods seems to have abused.

Jared Kushner - "weaponization of construction"

Jared Corey Kushner is an American investor, real-estate developer, and newspaper publisher who was senior advisor to his father-in-law, Donald Trump, until being escorted out of the White House on security issues.

Those issues have been revealed. The Kushner Cos. routinely filed false paperwork with the city of New York declaring it had zero rent-regulated tenants in dozens of buildings it owned across the city when it had hundreds.
When the Kushner Cos. bought three apartment buildings in Queens in 2015, most of the tenants were protected by special rules that prevent developers from pushing them out, raising rents and turning a tidy profit. But that's exactly what Jared Kushner did, and with remarkable speed. Two years later, it sold all three buildings for $60 million, a nearly 50 percent profit. The tenants of 94 rent-regulated units were forced out. Kushner Companies filed at least 80 work permits in 34 buildings throughout New York. ALL were false.
Current and former tenants of the Queens buildings were subjected to extensive construction, with banging, drilling, dust and leaking water that they believe was part of targeted harassment to get them to leave.

Records show frequent complaints about construction going on early in the morning or late at night against the rules, improper or illegal construction, and work without a permit.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Zimbabwe's $ 15b Diamond Scam

A member of parliament in Zimbabwe says he wants parliament to summon former president Robert Mugabe to explain where $15 billion worth of diamond revenue went during his rule. Two years ago Mugabe said the state had earned less than $2 billion from its diamonds - but an estimated $15 billion worth had been mined.

The former president's wife Grace was at one time rumored to be linked to one of the main diamond firms.

93 year old Mugabe was persuaded to step down after the military put him under house arrest in November 2017.
Mugabe and his wife Grace are entitled to more than 25 personal staff‚ a furnished office‚ two properties‚ a fleet of cars for employees‚ private international travel and an entertainment allowance. Grace Mugabe will be looked after when Mugabe dies and be entitled to stay in an official residence. Given the nickname “Gucci Grace” by Zimbabweans for her many extravagant shopping trips, she has been a polarizing figure in a country besieged with poverty.
Corruption in Zimbabwe has become endemic. Mugabe and his politburo made huge personal benefits by assigning lucrative concessions in the Marange diamond fields to Chinese firms and the Zimbabwean military.
The Zimbabwean military, which oversees the Marange fields, has been accused of systematic human rights abuses and smuggling of diamonds to neighbouring Mozambique.

Spain arrests Colombia drug kingpin hiding in the limelight

Juan Pablo Muñoz Hernández, alias “Carlos Ciro,” used his jet-set lifestyle as cover for his role as the leader of an international drug ring.

He is the alleged leader of a transnational cocaine trafficking ring and was arrested on March 6 by Spain’s national police. Muñoz’s arrest follows a two-year joint investigation by authorities in Brazil, Colombia and Spain.
Muñoz lived a luxurious and opulent lifestyle as a business magnate, often rubbing elbows with celebrities across South America and Europe.

However, Muñoz’s travels on private jets, stays in luxury hotels and friendships with the rich and famous were all a cover for his real role as the “king of the European route.”

One of the blocks of marble in Belgium in which cocaine was found.
The investigation into Muñoz’s network started in 2016 when police in Belgium seized two cocaine shipments over 1 ton each hidden inside secret compartments in a cargo container of marble coming from Brazil. Muñoz has been wanted by Brazilian authorities since September 2017 in connection to that seizure.

He had eluded arrest by moving his center of operations to Europe and frequently moving between Greece, Italy, Spain and Germany.

With actress Carolina Guerra.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Hells Angels MC turns 70 years old

It started on March 17, 1948, in San Bernardino, California. The 'Hells Angels' is most-commonly attributed to the Howard Hughes movie of the same name, about World War II bombers. The "Berdoo" chapter is still alive and well to this day.
That group's 70th anniversary party is scheduled for this weekend.

The group's 'Death Head' is easily one of the most recognizable brands of the 20th century.
In 1957 Sonny Barger founded the Oakland chapter. He would go on to become the face of the club.

Today the HAMC has more than 100 chapters in 29 countries.

Vancouver man Vincent Ramos charged with conspiring to sell unhackable phones to crooks

Vincent Ramos, owner of Phantom Secure, and four others were indicted by a federal grand jury in Washington for conspiring with global criminals by providing encryption services to evade law enforcement. They are charged with participating in and aiding and abetting a racketeering enterprise and conspiring to import and distribute controlled substances around the world.

Ramos sold over 20,000 of his specialized devices, as well as access to his encrypted communication network, to organized crime groups around the world, including the Sinaloa cartel.
Ramos used shell companies and crypto currencies to launder his illicit profits. The indictment alleges Phantom Secure generated $80 million in annual revenue since 2008. Phantom Secure advertised its products as impervious to decryption, wiretapping or legal third-party records requests. Phantom Secure also guaranteed the destruction of evidence contained within a device if it was compromised.

More than 250 police conducted 25 searches of houses and offices of Phantom Secure associates in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and in Australia and Canada, seizing Phantom Secure devices, assets, and evidence.

Police raid Hells Angels clubhouses across Belgium and the Netherlands

The searches formed part of a massive police operation and an investigation by prosecutors across Belgium and the Netherlands. In all, sixteen premises were raided across the country, with a dozen people detained.

A total of fifty weapons were seized including a rocket launcher, eight firearms and 800 rounds of ammunition. Bullet proof vests with Belgian police logos were also impounded.
A growing series of violent incidents involving extortion, drugs, arms trafficking and organized crime triggered the raids.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

John Gotti's grandson pulls five years for torching car in mob road rage attack

John J Gotti was jailed for five years for torching a car over a mafia-linked road rage incident. He pleaded guilty last year to setting the fire in 2012 at the order of Bonanno family mobster Victor Asaro after he was cut off by the other motorist.

The 24-year-old is the son of Peter Gotti, one of five children of the famous Gambino family boss, also known as 'Teflon Don', who died as a federal prisoner in 2002.
Prosecutors said Asaro ordered the arson after a traffic dust-up in the Howard Beach section of Queens. Asaro, who was acquitted in 2015 in connection with the infamous 1978 heist at the Lufthansa cargo terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport that was retold in the 1990 film "Goodfellas," was sentenced in December to eight years.

Gotti already is serving an eight-year state sentence on drug charges. Half of his federal sentence will run concurrently with that sentence.